Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Upcycled Shirt Dress

This isn't an original idea, I have seen these dresses made from men's old shirts on others blogs. I'm not sure who to credit in this case but I can tell you that I did score this pattern from Whole Grain Baby on Etsy. I popped into my fave op shop the other day and managed to get 8 shirts into my "fill a bag for $3"! I also had a chat to one of the girls at my local op shop and she is going to save me some more shirts that are not suitable for sale over the next few days. I would much rather chop some of the more stained and torn shirts, than to chop up a decent one that could be sold to someone who really needs it :)

This is not the best photo, but Eliza was doing the the full on model pose for me! She was walking back and forth with her hand on her hip, it was beautiful.

I have just been accepted to have a stall at the Red Lantern Night Market in Newcastle in December, NOW I just need to go and make some stuff!!


  1. I am so are such a talented and creative lady... you could do anything you put your heart to...I just need to hurry up and have a baby so I can buy all your beautiful things....

  2. Just gorgeous! I've got a big pile of shirts waiting to do exactly that. I dont think mine would have looked anywhere near as cute!

    Ooooh - just saw a hint of all the dresses on your Flickr photostream. You have been busy! Off to check them out.


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