Monday, February 8, 2010

Sunday Treats.

Sunday was a trip to the Adamstown Markets in Newcastle. It was fairly quiet, but full of casual stall holders, so it was a great for a change of scenery. We picked up this gorgeous wooden doll's house on the way out. It was $30 and included all the wooden furniture and dolls. Apparently it had once belonged to a preschool. I love the idea that so many little hands have once created magic in this place. I am looking forward to renovating our new house and hopefully having it finished in time for Miss almost 2's birthday. It definitely needs some new carpet!

Sunday's find.Bonus furniture!
I love the dunny!

Come and share your Sunday Flea Market Finds over here.

Monday, February 1, 2010

Sunday Treats.

Yesterday was a quick trip to the Wickham markets. It was raining on and off so there weren't many marketeers there. We only had $15 with us so I had to be careful what I was going to spend my money on. In the end it came down to these 3 treasures. I bought 2 biscuits tins ($4 each) to keep some crafty "stuff" in. I am slowly trying to organise my creative space and moving the old shoe boxes into some more appealing containers. I am even tempted to get myself a label maker just to make sure that everything has its place. :)

Sundays finds.

I also bought this wooden shadow box for $5. My intention is to give it a paint, maybe even a bit of mod podge love and use it to store my spools on.

Sundays finds.
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