Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Wishlist Wednesday.

Well obviously procrastinating getting any of my own work done and truth is I should probably be in bed, but I just thought I'd give you some of my favourites from this week.

  • Gorgeous skirts by koosi from the Netherlands.
  • I think I need a Moleskine journal to keep all my ideas in. I'm thinking this one is pretty funky by tamptation in Sydney.
  • I love the work by local Newcastle artist sketch & jones. I bought Eliza's Christmas dress from her on the weekend at the Art Bazaar. Her prints are gorgeous. These softies are just gorgeous but unfortunately not a necessity around here at the moment...
  • Well I gave into this wish and bought myself this bag. I have been eyeing this one off for ages. I love fellow DUSTer Penny's prints from pocketcarnival.

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

The postman woke the baby.

But all was forgiven once I opened my parcel!

Many gifts :)

I was a winner in the 'Lil Sonny Sky blog giveaway by the ever so talented and generous Lisa Stubbs. There was a massive amount of gorgeous cards, pins, tags, prints and mini chupa chups! arriving all the way from England. Too bad I had already posted out my Christmas cards this year, let's just say that I am already looking forward to next Christmas so I can post out some of these sweet ones. This little tree card is my favourite :)

Temporary business card

I have also been working on a temporary business card that I can just print out a few little ones onto photo paper to hand out at the Red Lantern Night Markets this Friday.

What are your thoughts?

Monday, December 7, 2009

Wearable photography.

Sneak peek

Sneak peek

This is a sneak peek of my latest project, and as you can see I like to get around a bit and jump from one craft to another!

These are brooches made from upcycled scrabble tiles and bottle caps. I have downsized and printed my photographs so that they fit into this space. Poured some resin over the top, wait a day and ta da, we have some wearable photography.

I had to experiment with the paper to see which would work with the resin the best and I found that the photographs printed on the photographic paper came out the best. They were still bright and the contrast was still good. The ones that were just printed onto colour paper tended to go a bit grey.

All of my Newcastle themed brooches were quite a hit at the Red Lantern Night Market on Friday night so I was quite happy with that. Now I have to get busy and make some more for this coming Friday night market!

Toodooloo :)
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