Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Wishlist Wednesday.

Well obviously procrastinating getting any of my own work done and truth is I should probably be in bed, but I just thought I'd give you some of my favourites from this week.

  • Gorgeous skirts by koosi from the Netherlands.
  • I think I need a Moleskine journal to keep all my ideas in. I'm thinking this one is pretty funky by tamptation in Sydney.
  • I love the work by local Newcastle artist sketch & jones. I bought Eliza's Christmas dress from her on the weekend at the Art Bazaar. Her prints are gorgeous. These softies are just gorgeous but unfortunately not a necessity around here at the moment...
  • Well I gave into this wish and bought myself this bag. I have been eyeing this one off for ages. I love fellow DUSTer Penny's prints from pocketcarnival.


  1. What cute finds! I love that skirt :)

  2. That journal is lovely... what is 'moleskin' anyhow. Surely and obviously its not made from real mole skin. hmm thinking our loud here lol sorry

  3. Your finds are fantastic! I especially love pocketcarnivals shop. Nice that you treated yourself to a lovely bag :)


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