Saturday, March 13, 2010

Renovations Complete.

We finally got around to renovating Miss Two's new, preloved doll's house. Mr Practical Dad actually did most of the work. I just did the bossing. He sanded back all the timber and gave it a varnish, gave the roof a new coat of paint. We laid down some fresh carpet in the bedrooms and some lino in the wet rooms. Mr Practical Dad found these in the skip at a job site. And my favourite part is the new vintage wallpaper on the bedroom walls.

Miss Two is loving her new house. I think that there is in fact too much furniture in the house at the moment and she tends to get a bit overwhelmed and just throws it everywhere.

What a fabulous birthday present! Best $30 spent in a long time. Check it out before the renos.

Thursday, March 4, 2010

A needle case that makes me feel like a trashy sunday morning.

needle case, originally uploaded by [mummalu].

Well I may have forgotten to tell you that I have started back at TAFE this year. It all happened very suddenly and I am now doing Certificate III in Fashion Design & Technology. Thanks god it's only 2 days a week as going back to school after almost 10 years is hurting my brain. I'll say by the end of the year I shall be a professional crafster.

The course is truly basic. We are learning how to sew from scratch basically. We will be doing some pattern making and my favourite part is the screen printing.

Today we had a play with some "Solvy". A water-soluble stabiliser. I just "chucked" a whole load of fabrics and fibres and even attempted to add some bubble wrap too. Place the layer of Solvy over your mess. Sew all over the top. Rinse the Solvy away. And ta da, a very cheerful, messy piece of art. This needle case, I have to admit, does look A LOT better in real life.

Monday, March 1, 2010

Introducing our new mate Trep-Trep.

This fella was kindly donated to Eliza at the second hand markets on the weekend. She has named him "Trep-Trep". As much as I love trash and treasure, we always seem to get given other peoples unwanted crap toys. "Oh here you go, have another unwanted McDonalds happy meal toy." You can keep your crap thanks, I always think but am too polite to ever say.

This guy is kind of cute. He is slowly deflating so I don't think he is going to survive the week out.
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