Saturday, March 13, 2010

Renovations Complete.

We finally got around to renovating Miss Two's new, preloved doll's house. Mr Practical Dad actually did most of the work. I just did the bossing. He sanded back all the timber and gave it a varnish, gave the roof a new coat of paint. We laid down some fresh carpet in the bedrooms and some lino in the wet rooms. Mr Practical Dad found these in the skip at a job site. And my favourite part is the new vintage wallpaper on the bedroom walls.

Miss Two is loving her new house. I think that there is in fact too much furniture in the house at the moment and she tends to get a bit overwhelmed and just throws it everywhere.

What a fabulous birthday present! Best $30 spent in a long time. Check it out before the renos.


  1. Great renos! Love that wallpaper too!

  2. Wow! wow! Wow! Absolutely gorgeous :-)

  3. How cute, you made it modern.. polished floorboards.

    Thanks for dropping by my blog.

  4. This is an excellent example of post-modern architecture. You're daughter better know how rad you are. Where did you find it??

  5. Wow, the renovation looks great! Love that wallpaper.


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