Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Smocking, the cheat's way.

I have been wanting to give this technique a try for ages. To create a smocked look by sewing straight lines with your sewing machine and some shirring elastic . Lucky I didn't attempt this on my own. I originally thought that you put the shirring elastic on the spool AND in the bobbin! You basically just have to hand wind the elastic onto your bobbin, not too tight and not too loose.

This dress that I started last night is made from old t-shirt that I scored at an op shop in Mullumbimby whilst holidaying a few months back. It was only $1. The print is on both the back and the front.

I tried it on Eliza and I am going to have a lot of trouble parting with this one. The colours are just so gorgeous. I really need to keep all my stock for my upcoming markets at the Red Lantern Night Markets. I am doing 3 markets in a row and currently don't have a huge amount of things made. I haven't been putting much on my Etsy because I just want to concentrate on the market for now.



  1. good job! I remember my mum making me shirred dresses, I loved wearing them, they were so comfy. I might have to give it a go for my daughter, too!

  2. I also have found memories of childhood and smocking! I for one am glad to see it back :)

  3. Gorgeous!I have been wanting to try smocking for ages - but I hadn't thought of using T-shirt jersey. Brilliant. I cannot wait to see your stall :-)


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