Saturday, September 26, 2009

Friday's Finds.


Yesterday we made a brief trip to my favourite op shop. I don't get much time to peruse the goods instore because of a smaller hanger on called Eliza (DD). So with a quick scan of the shop we found these:

  • Vintage Scrabble Tiles: My plan is to have a play with the epoxy resin I have bought and also using my own original photographs to create pendants and brooches. I know that this is fairly unoriginal, but I am having trouble with ideas for another medium to use for the base of the pendants. So for now, this is great.
  • Kids Dustpan & Broom: I have been on the look out for one of these for a while. I have been so proud of myself that I have not purchased any "new" toys for Eliza in over a year. All of the toys (which is not many luckily) have come from garage sales, op shops and second hand markets.
  • Christmas Storybooks: Due to be massacred to create christmas cards and gift tags!
These are the gift tags I have been busily punching out over the last few nights. Planning on listing them in bulk in my etsy store once I am back from my Melbourne trip.



  1. Hi Lucy. Your gift tags look lovely! I'll definateoly be keeping out for your Christmas ones :-)

    ...and I love that dust pan and broom. Its amazing how cheap toys are second hand. We have also not bought any new toys for over a year. I have found quiet a few lively dolls recently. I like wondering about who used to love them....

  2. Arrgh! Typepad still havn't fixed my user ID...ignore that horrible number. It's Tricia from Little eco footprints :-)


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